Elevating development possibilities


Our comprehensive consultancy services are designed to empower developers like you, providing the expertise, guidance and innovation needed to transform your visions into reality.


Realise your development’s potential

Realising the full potential of your developments requires expertise, efficiency, and a partner you know you can work with and trust. At Bentley, we offer developers a comprehensive suite of services tailored to the nuanced needs of the development arena. From finely tuned project management strategies that keep you on track, to meticulous quantity surveying ensuring cost-effectiveness, and even strategic procurement solutions, our services are the cornerstone of your development.

A legacy in developing tomorrow’s landscape

Developing new properties comes with its share of complexities – from zoning regulations to market fluctuations. And our seasoned professionals have successfully navigated these challenges for over a decade, providing developers with the strategic guidance needed to make informed decisions.

We possess a deep understanding of the multifaceted development landscape. And we deliver projects that exceed expectations every time.

Optimised financial outcomes, rapid decision-making

In the fast-paced world of development, swift and informed decisions are paramount. Our consultancy equips you with insights, data-driven recommendations, and strategic advice, so you can make impactful choices that accelerate progress.

Further, we understand that time is a valuable asset in development. With us, you can expect streamlined processes, minimised delays, and a development journey that adheres to timelines without sacrificing excellence.

Our expertise in quantity surveying and cost management guarantees your projects are both profitable and remarkable.

Collaborate with us to embark on a journey of development that’s truly remarkable.

Case Study

Hanwood Park

Providing enabling infrastructure in Northamptonshire

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