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  • Sue Hunter


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    I initially trained as a quantity surveyor following an opportunity presented to me whilst working in the accounts department for a construction company. Following the completion of a BSc in Construction Management I became more interested in the programme and procurement elements of projects so took a position as an assistant project manager with Derby City Council to gain experience. This position led on to more senior roles in Local Authority where I gained knowledge of public sector processes and funding streams, which I still use in my day-to-day work.  

    My role is based around progressing regeneration projects for public sector clients. My team are brought into projects at different stages, so we advise on a wide variety of work streams, such as initial funding bids and business cases, procurement strategies, multi-disciplinary design team appointments, programme management, governance, on site contract management roles such as employers agent and client side project management. It is my job to ensure that my clients understand the processes, timescales, costs, risks and resources required to execute their project in the most efficient manner, then manage the delivery in line with their constraints.

    The variety of projects and people that I get to work with. I work on such a wide range of projects from new build enterprise centres, town centre public realm, flood defences and listed building refurbishment. No two days are ever the same and I work with people from many different sectors of the industry such as architects, engineers, planners, highway designers, contractors, marketing and communications officers, finance managers, solicitors, and government funding representatives, which keeps every day interesting.

    The teamwork and respect between colleagues. It is such a supportive environment where there is always someone to offer advice or help. The team have such a wide range of skills and experience that no matter what issues arise on your project, someone at Bentley Project Management will have dealt with it before and is happy to provide support. 

  • Daniel Marchbank

    Associate Director

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    As part of my GCSE’s I attended a foundation course in construction. Following this I studied diploma level at college instead of A levels as I knew I wanted a career in construction but wanted to take a professional role rather than being ‘on the tools' and math’s was always my strongest subject, so Quantity Surveying seemed to be the role that fit best.

    My role covers both pre and post contract works, ranging from feasibility estimates all the way through to agreeing final accounts. Pre-contract I get involved in producing estimates and cost plans to help inform clients on project feasibility and budgets. I then get involved in advising on tendering and procurement strategy, managing the tender process, through to the analysis stage and contract award. I’m also involved in the contract negotiations and production of the final contract documents.

    Post contract I am involved in the day-to-day commercial management of projects; attending progress meetings, agreeing variations/change control, carrying out interim valuations, monthly financial reporting to clients, agreeing final accounts.

    I enjoy seeing how a project develops over a period of time, and seeing the progress made from month to month. I also enjoy interacting and negotiating with contractors when agreeing variations and final accounts.

    A big part of my role is supporting the younger employees to get chartered status, so I enjoy helping them with their APC and seeing their improvement and progression.

    Since joining Bentley Project Management as a senior Quantity Surveyor, I feel I’ve been given the chance to showcase what I can do and really progress in my career.

    I’ve been involved in some great large-scale projects that have really helped my development and to build up my knowledge in civils and infrastructure.

  • Kathryn Parsons

    Quantity Surveyor

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    From an early age I have always been interested in construction. Whilst I was undertaking my GCSEs, I carried out work experience for a Property Developers and was able to work in the departments of Sales & Marketing, Purchasing and Quantity Surveying. I really enjoyed working with the Quantity Surveying department and conducted further research into what it involved. After I completed my A-Levels, I undertook a Degree Apprenticeship in Quantity Surveying and Commercial Management at Nottingham Trent University.

    If you are wanting to start a career in Quantity Surveying, I would consider a Degree Apprenticeship as it allows you to put theoretical knowledge from university into practice whilst working in a job role. This allows you to earn at the same time and gain a network of contacts.

    My role involves working with Clients pre and post contract to manage costs of construction projects on both NEC and JCT forms of contract. As a Quantity Surveyor, I have primarily been involved in:

    • Preparation of Cost Estimates and Cost Plans 
    • Procurement selection assessment
    • Tender Review and Reporting
    • Preparation of Contract Documents
    • Cashflow Forecasting
    • Interim Valuations
    • Cost Reporting
    • Agreement of Variations
    • Agreement of Final Accounts
    • Attending Design Team Meetings
    • Attending Site Progress Meetings
    • Attending Client Meetings

    The most enjoyable aspect of my role is meeting new people and working as a team to create a tangible end result. When you get to look back and look at the projects you have worked on, you get a real sense of achievement.

    What I value most is that they have supported my development both in a professional and personal way, enabling me to successfully progress my RICS APC application and become a Chartered Quantity Surveyor. 

    Since joining Bentley Project Management, my colleagues have made me feel part of the team and made the working environment a great place to be part of.

  • Shane Nicholls

    Assistant Project Manager

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    From an early age I have always taken a great deal of pride in delivering work whether that be individually or within a team. It made sense to build a career from this and is ultimately why I was drawn towards project management. Its wide reaching, multifaceted and challenging nature meant that I could take projects from inception through to construction and work closely with specialist consultants to make this a reality. To watch construction sites transform into strategic infrastructure, buildings or residential developments and at the end having that tangible build in front of you that you’ve helped organise into a cohesive and fully functioning engineering feat is a career I’m proud of.

    Primarily, my role revolves around two flip sides of construction. The first starts before the signing of a contract and before a bucket hits the ground. I assist in and supervise the site investigations, undertake risk management, review initial designs, start forecasting costs and tender work packages. All of which embody the ‘pre-contract’ aspect of construction and entail liaising and coordinating with client, local authority’s, specialist consultants, architects, engineers, utility providers and contractors to determine the projects feasibility and ensure the project is properly scoped.

    On the other side, I assist in managing the ‘post-contract’ activities where I programme in delivering the on-site works. Specifically, coordinating works with the main contractor, issuing and instructing work packages, monitoring delivery and contract administration.

    Mostly I enjoy taking the project from its masterplans to gaining approvals and through to getting on site and constructing. Being at the sharp end of construction and after seeing the months of planning, due diligence, design and hard work come together and working with/alongside a host of people with different expertise to deliver something that is beneficial to the wider community is always exciting to be a part of and witness.

    (People & Projects) These are two things that come to mind when I think about what I value most about the company. The first is the people at Bentley Project Management - all my colleagues are friendly, supportive, approachable and have vast and varied experiences in construction. Having a canvas of people that you can approach and sense check ideas or discuss upcoming work packages with is invaluable. Secondly, the projects that we steer are unique and diverse and being a relatively small company, we are exposed to all aspects of them having the ability to see and direct a lot more of the project and are able to build skills in all areas of the project lifecycle.

    The projects are also varied and there’s not any red tape or barriers to seeing different projects, being on different teams, seeing both pre and post planning jobs. From Managing Director to Graduates everyone makes time for you, no matter the scheme someone is available to lend a hand.

Our pledge to equality, diversity and inclusion

We are dedicated to fostering a safe and respectful working environment where all individuals, regardless of race, gender, age, sexual orientation, religion, disability, or background, are treated equitably.

Our aim is to cultivate a transparent and open culture that encourages growth and development for every member of our team, creating an inclusive workspace where diverse perspectives flourish.

Anchored in our core values, equality, diversity and inclusion is an integral part of our identity, driving us to provide equal opportunities, inspire collaboration, and empower one another.

As we continue to build bridges and structures, we recognise that unity and diversity are the foundation of our success, shaping the future where inclusion isn’t just a promise, but a living reality.

Schemes we're signed up to;

The Pregnancy Loss Pledge
Fertility Workplae Pledge

Social value, a commitment that matters

We firmly believe that upholding the principles of Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) isn’t just wise business practice – it’s an embodiment of our fundamental ethos, ‘We do the right thing.’

Three pillars, one purpose

To solidify our approach, we’ve structured our social value policy around three key dimensions:

Empowering shared progress

We acknowledge our pivotal role within local communities. We’re dedicated to empowering our team members to actively engage with and contribute to the communities we serve. Through leveraging their expertise and our resources, we’re committed to generating shared value that enriches lives.

Nurturing excellence, embracing diversity

Our commitment to social value extends to our own family – our employees. We’re driven to create an environment where every individual finds fulfilment in their work and excels in providing exceptional service to our clients. Proactively seeking ways to enhance diversity in our workforce, we’re focused on creating avenues for greater professional and personal growth for all.

Ethical responsibility

Our dedication to social value resonates with the environment. In a world facing environmental challenges, we are resolute in responsibly managing our impact. We identify, assess and address significant environmental aspects, establishing processes to prevent, minimise and mitigate them. Through ethical environmental management, we’re committed to leaving a sustainable legacy.

Volunteering and collaborative giving

Community is at our core. We believe in active engagement, where volunteering and charity work aren’t just actions, but heartfelt commitments. Beyond financial support, we encourage our team to invest their time, skills and compassion into causes that matter, embodying our ethos of responsible business. Through collaborative efforts, we shape the future where every act of giving creates a meaningful impact and reflects our dedication to a better world.

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